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At Harpsden Woodland Pre-School, we provide a happy, safe and caring environment.

At Harpsden Woodland Pre-School, we provide a happy, safe and caring environment, free from prejudice and discrimination, for children from 2 to 5 years old.

We believe that every child is unique, and our aim is to provide fun, stimulating learning experiences catered to each child’s individual needs.

Strong emphasis is placed on learning through play as we believe at this stage in a child’s development the learning process should be as interesting and enjoyable as possible.  We aim to plan and provide activities and play opportunities to develop your child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities to their full potential. At the end of their time with us they will be resilient, capable and self-assured before their transition to Reception.




Harpsden Admissions

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Forest School

“Staff are always happy to chat about any issues and progress made. It feels very much like a partnership.”

Rated Good

OFSTED, September 2021

“Staff provide a warm and welcoming environment for children. They know the children well and have a good understanding of how they learn and develop." 

"Children feel safe and secure and confidently explore the variety of spaces at the pre-school. They delight in playing outdoors, where a lot of their learning takes place. The outdoor learning environment is stimulating and interesting, and outdoor learning is given high priority for all children.”


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