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Play . Learn . Grow


With a varied curriculum over the six terms, we ensure that our children are offered experiences across all the areas of learning through a balance of child-initiated and adult directed activities, with a strong emphasis on learning in the natural environment outside.

Skills are developed through painting and collage, imaginary and role play, exploration of malleable materials such as dough and clay, sand and water play, music, story and rhyme, cooking, gardening and exploration of the natural world, and physical development activities.

Pre-reading, pre-writing and mathematical skills are developed in many contexts.  We send out a weekly activities sheet to parents in advance of what we are covering - although as our play is primarily child led these activities are subject to change depending on the children’s interests that day.

EYFS Overview

Early Years Foundation Stage Overview

We follow the curriculum guidelines set out in the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which was implemented in September 2021

The main principles on which the EYFS is based are grouped into four main themes-

  • A Unique Child

  • Positive Relationships

  • Enabling Environments

  • Learning & Development

Your Child's Key Person and Communication.

Each child at Harpsden Pre-School will have a key person - a named member of staff responsible for a small group of children. The key person will help your child feel happy and safe at pre-school and observe their learning and development. Your child’s key person will use the observations to plan the next steps in your child’s learning and development in ways which best fit their interests and learning style.

The progress of each child is monitored through observation of their play in different contexts. These observations are stored in your child’s Learning Journey which is available for you to read and share with your child at any time. Ultimately the Learning Journey becomes a collection of every significant step your child takes in all areas of learning. A collection of photographs, short and long observations, paintings, drawings, mark making, writing and annotated pictures, this record is given to you to keep at the end of their time with us.


Our Learning Journeys demonstrate the high standards the children reach in all aspects of learning.

Key Person and Communication

Transition To School

The move from pre-school to “big school” is often the first major event in a child’s life. While it is a very exciting time for a child, it may also be scary and unsettling, so we work alongside the foundation teachers to ensure the children are happy and settled by the time they start school. Although we are independent, we work together with each of the local primary schools that our children will be attending to make the transition pleasant and smooth.

Our children will have visits to their new schools where they can meet other pupils and get used to their new environment. Their new teachers will also visit the children at Harpsden Pre-School.

Transition to School
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