Curriculum Plans

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The pre-school year is divided into six terms and each term we have an overarching theme with a different focus each week. Themes we have followed in the past include, amongst others, ‘Festivals’, ‘People who Help Us’, ‘Growing’, ‘Going Places’ and ‘Favourite Books’.

With a varied curriculum we ensure that our children are offered experiences across all the areas of learning through a balance of child-initiated and adult directed activities, with a strong emphasis on learning in the natural environment outside. Skills are developed through painting and collage, imaginary and role play, exploration of malleable materials such as dough and clay, sand and water play, music, story and rhyme, cooking, gardening and exploration of the natural world, and physical development activities.

Pre-reading, pre-writing and mathematical skills are developed in many contexts. Our wide-ranging curriculum also enables us to establish links with the wider community and we have enjoyed visits from a local GP, a dentist, Henley Fire Brigade (plus Engine), local PCSOs, our pets, our grandparents, our local vicar and have also been visited by some animals from a local farm.

Special events within the curriculum include a performance of Easter songs, our Christmas party and Nativity and a summer sports morning. We also organise a couple of fundraising events each year for charities in the local community or further afield.